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We have a Ford Ranger 2016 year,about once every 3 Month will not start, Leave for 20min starts & some times uneven running, but no fault code.
Came up once with CPS Fault, Fitted new made no difference.
Engine still takes 2-3 month before fault occurs again, Vehicle still under Ford Warranty, Has be back to Ford twice, Not able to reproduce Fault.
Anybody had anything same Thanks

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I have had 3 rangers l like the look but found but had to many faults under warranty i moved to mitsubushi l200 and not had any faults i am not sure what is going on with the new ranger but it seems fuel related one of mine need new injectors at 20000 miles it may be the diesel in the uk is not right for them as my brother lives in south africa and has one with 140000 mile on it and its fine perhaps a addtive is needed i remember transit pumps falling apart whan they removed the sulfur from diesel it may be the case with the ranger
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