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Home » Engine Management » 08 Zafira erratic idle

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Got a Zafira,idle usually a bit high around 1100, and then idle bounces around 900-1400 every 5-10 seconds. Can't see any leaks. Removed EGR and cleaned. Removed throttle body and cleaned. Sprayed WD40 around pipes to try and find air leak. Weirdest thing is it idles PERFECT around 900rpm if I turn on the air con button! Any ideas?
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Gordon Woods
Gordon Woods
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Hi there,

Could you please provide some additional information?

- Engine variant.
- Any DTCs stored on the vehicle.
- Warning lights displayed.
As this will give myself and other forum users a better understanding of this particular issue.

Based on the information you have given I would suspect an air flow issue, EGR issues or an issue with the idle control (MAF/MAP) - as the additional load from the AC may be balanced with the un-metered air flow at idle.


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W'fld Mtr Co
W'fld Mtr Co
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Hi, Hope you resolved this one, what was the outcome??

My best guess based on limited info supplied would be a charging system fault. If it being petrols engine then you know RMI tech tip for PCV issue on this engine range??, may need rocker / cam cover replacing. Does it have high vacuum in the crank case? Switching on A/C would stabilise this through management system maybe?

Please let us all know, it is very little point posting things on a forum wanting help if you are not prepared to give feedback once you resolves problem, also as per Goden's reply you need to give a bot more detail as to vehicle if you are to expects peolpes to try and helping you eh!

Good luck
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I have had this fault and it was a faulty rocker cover
hope this helps
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Home » Engine Management » 08 Zafira erratic idle