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Home » Engine (Mechanical) » Hyundai i20 oil leak


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Hi, got a 2010 1.3 petrol Hyundai in with an oil leak from what appears to be the crank oil seal. We've changed the seal (genuine Hyundai) and it's fitted in squarely, but customer is complaining of a continuation of the oil leak, albeit slower than previous. Anyone have any suggestions based on experience? Many thanks, Ged
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Graham Goode Motors
Graham Goode Motors
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My suggestions are all old school really. If the crank area where the seal runs is worn for example (a groove where the original seal ran) the seal may not 'seal' correctly. Another problem could be a blocked engine breather causing a build up of crankcase pressure inside the engine which could literally blow oil past the seal. The final suggestion is that there is another leak higher up on the engine which is causing oil to run down and drip off behind the crank pulley, so it looks like that is still leaking?
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Home » Engine (Mechanical) » Hyundai i20 oil leak