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Accepted Answer
For anyone who is experiencing problems accessing Hyundai repair information or technical details on either of the sites below, please be assured that you are not alone!

http://service.hyundai-motor.com & http://service.hyundai-motor.com/login.tiles
We are aware that the site has been difficult to access from late 2013 and we have made Hyundai UK aware of the situation initially in December 2013 however as yet they have not been able to resolve the problem despite our persistent contact with them chasing up a resolution.

If anyone has been able to access Hyundai information using either of the above sites or any alternative pay for use sites, please post an update with details of the site you have used.

A contact telephone number for Hyundai Technical is 0844 980 0208 or you can send an e-mail to technical.enquiry@hyundai-car.co.uk
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Just to update on the Hyundai site, they have accepted that there are issues with the payment system that they use for the 'Pay-per use' site and have now provided an alternative web address as per the link below;


You may find that you can't access the site due to restrictions on some high end fire wall systems, so if you can't view the log in page, contact your I.T provider who should be able to resolve the problem by opening a port in your fire wall to allow you access.

Hope this helps.

RMI Technical team
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Home » Hyundai » Hyundai UK Technical Information Web