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Home » Volkswagen » 2002 VW BEETLE FAULT CODE P0113

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Nigel Mander
Nigel Mander
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Fault code related to Intake air temp sensor G42 signal too high. Was unable to clear code and TCS light also on.
I had a data reading from the air temp sensor reading 48 degrees then reading -40.

I swapped sensors with a doner car with no faults and fault was still there so suspected wiring fault. Checked wiring from air temp sensor to ECU. Once wiring moved I found the circuit went to ground. Stripped wiring down and found red wire corroded at air temp end. Repaired wire and fault gone.

Road tested and all ok
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Thanks for the feedback Nigel, much appreciated.

Regards Tech Team Thumbs Up
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Home » Volkswagen » 2002 VW BEETLE FAULT CODE P0113