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Home » Fiat » Sparks from Crank Shaft pulley

500, Panda, Punto, Bravo and all things Fiat!

Hi All,

Has anyone seen anything like this before? (see attached video file)

Any suggestions please respond.
Not that it is relevant, but this is shown on a Fiat Doblo 1.3 Diesel.
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For those who have not seen this before, we have just had feedback form our member to confirm that replacing the auxiliary drive belt has resolved the problem.

It has been found that the ribbed belt has started to degrade and shows signs of excessive age related perish splits throughout. It is considered that the friction being generated by the degraded layers of the belt may have been generating static build up which was finding it's path to earth at the inner edge of the crank pulley to the sump edge.

Hope this proves useful to others in the future!
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Home » Fiat » Sparks from Crank Shaft pulley