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Home » Volkswagen » PASSAT 2.0 TDi PD 2005 > Engine cut out

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Driver Complaint – Engine cut out and would not restart.

Cause/Symptom – No previous issues, Engine Management Light illuminated and fault code P1517 (17925) stored in the memory.

Rectification Route – The fault codes indicates engine control relay circuit malfunction. In this instance the circuit and relay were found to be o.k. Further checks were carried out and it was discovered there were no feeds to the injectors. The injector wiring was checked for continuity, again this was o.k. On removing the injector connectors one at a time while cranking the engine fired when number 3 was removed. This indicted that number 3 injector was going to ground, replacing the injector and removing the code from the system proved to be a fix. A road test confirmed this and the code did not return.
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This issue has been launched as a recall campaign by VW: Recall 23H9.
All 4 x injetcors are being replaced free of charge in the dealer network as a result of a VOSA safety investigation.

It ran through last year & I should think all affected models have now been recalled, but inevitably some may have slipped through the net.
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Home » Volkswagen » PASSAT 2.0 TDi PD 2005 > Engine cut out