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Home » Volkswagen » PASSAT 2006> Electric Park Brake (EPB) no release

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Driver Complaint – Electric Park Brake (EPB) will not release.

Cause/Symptom – Multifunction Indicator Light illuminated and fault code 02443 logged in system memory.

Rectification Route – Possible causes may be wiring or connectors on park release button, or the button itself. The procedure to release the park brake is as follows:-

Disconnect the battery for at least 10 seconds.
Reconnect the battery.
Turn on the ignition do but not start the engine, press the brake pedal.
Keeping the brake pedal depressed operate the park brake control twice.
Park brake should now release.
Recheck and clear fault codes.

If the code is still present and the EPG is still sticking carry out checks to switch and associated wiring to the control module (located to the rear of the centre console).
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Home » Volkswagen » PASSAT 2006> Electric Park Brake (EPB) no release