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Driver Complaint – General lack of power and engine cutting out at 3500 rpm, engine management warning lamp illuminated. When restarted the engine management light goes out until the engine speed reaches 3500 rpm and again the engine cuts out.

Cause/Symptom – Fault code P1188 is stored in the engine management memory.

Rectification Route – P1188 indicates loss of fuel rail pressure, in this instance the caller to our helpline reported that on removing the fuel filter he discovered that the fuel was discoloured and contaminated. At this stage it would be advisable to drain and clean the rest of the system. The filter was replaced with a new one and the code was removed from the system. A thorough road test was carried out and the fault was now cleared.
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Home » Kia » KIA SORRENTO 2.5 CRDi ENGINE D4CB 2006>