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Home » Kia » KIA PICANTO ENGINE CODE G4HE - Running lumpy idle

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Driver Complaint – Running lumpy and unstable at idle.

Cause/Symptom – Fault codes logged P0340, P0302, P0303 misfires detected and P0340 cam position sensor circuit malfunction.

Rectification Route – The caller to our helpline in this instance carried out a wiring continuity test from the cam sensor back to the engine control module, the wiring was found to be o.k. he then went on to replace the sensor and found after road testing the vehicle he still had the same set of fault codes in the memory. On further inspection he discovered he had the symptoms of a loose timing belt causing oscillations between the camshaft and the crankshaft indicating to the engine control module that the two were out of synchronisation. On checking the timing belt it appeared to be tensioned correctly but it was discovered that the crankshaft sensor reluctor ring to the rear of the crankshaft pulley assembly had become loose. This was giving the same symptom as a loose belt. The pulley fittings were secured, the codes removed and a road test confirmed the fault to be rectified.

Note- On the front of the crankshaft there are two flats that locate on the reluctor and pulley fittings, ensure there is no damage to these components before reassembly.
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Home » Kia » KIA PICANTO ENGINE CODE G4HE - Running lumpy idle