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Home » BMW » 3 SERIES E46 1.6 316i ENGINE N45B16A

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Driver Complaint – Rough idle, loss of power and engine management light illuminated.

Cause/Symptom – Fault code P102D stored in the memory, code can be erased but after a short period of time the warning light and fault code return.

Rectification Route – fault code P102D indicates a mechanical fault with inlet camshaft position actuator. In this particular instance the actuator was found to be o.k. The fault was located with the wiring to the actuator having a high resistance. The wiring was checked back to the engine control module (located in the engine bay fuse box on the left hand rear side on the bulkhead area). The red and white wire on the actuator is the supply voltage from fuse number 4 (30amp) and the black wire is from the engine control module terminal number 10. Terminal 10 on the engine control module had signs of corrosion, the terminal and connector were cleaned and secured and the code was removed from the memory. A final road test confirmed the fault to be cleared.
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Home » BMW » 3 SERIES E46 1.6 316i ENGINE N45B16A